CTM Development (http://www.ctmdev.com) has released FoxTrot Professional Search 3.1.2, an update to their networked document indexing and retrieval solution for Mac OS X. The new version offers enhanced preview displays with additional document types with FoxTrot’s usual occurrences highlighting and document-level search, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents, as well as iCal events, Address Book contacts, and Mail messages.

There are several user interface improvements. FoxTrot Professional Search 3.1.2 also offers: optimized concurrent updating of indices (using the Indexing menu); partial index updating; and enhanced AppleScript support

Developed with law firms, media and mobile professionals in mind, FoxTrot Professional Search locates documents and their content using multiple categorization of search results, ranked by relevance. Utilizing the latest Cocoa technologies, the application works directly with PDF, HTML, word processing, e-mail and multimedia metadata.

According to the folks at CTM Development, FoxTrot Professional Search utilizes the latest Snow Leopard technologies to extend well beyond Spotlight’s features, offering document preview and full view capabilities and secondary document-level search features. Users can manage multiple indexed collections and have indices updated without even launching the application.

With a 10-user license (or more), customers receive a full fledged client-server product with a server component that can be deployed any Mac OS X or Windows 7/Vista/XP with file sharing enabled, as well as on Mac OS X Server or Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. U.S. English and French are the supported languages.

All current FoxTrot Search products require an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Version 10.5.x Leopard, 10.6.x Snow Leopard or 10.7 Lion Developer Preview (PowerPC and Mac OS 10.4 supported in version 2.6). FoxTrot Search Server also includes a slightly narrower focus Server component for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP specialized on PDF, Word and text documents

FoxTrot Professional Search 3.1.x and FoxTrot Search Server are available immediately. A single user license is priced at approximately US$139. A five-user license includes peer-to-peer sharing is available for $278. A 10-user license also includes FoxTrot Search Server for $554, with degressive per-seat enterprise licenses available.

FoxTrot Professional Search 3.1x is available as a full-featured 30-day demo. FoxTrot Search Server is available as a full-featured 60-day demo.

FoxTrot Professional Search 3.1x is a free update for current FoxTrot Professional Search 3 licensed owners, and is available to current FoxTrot Personal Search users for the difference in price via a coupon e-mailed to all registered owners.