Last week, Apple updated its e-reader app iBooks with several minor new features and a tweak that affected users of jailbroken phones.

Jailbreakers who downloaded the update were no longer able to use iBooks on their mobile phone. However, an update to the jailbreaking tool Sn0wbreeze may have addressed this issue, according to reports from mobile bloggers and Twitter and sites such as “ReadWriteWeb” (

According to the Twitter account @iH8sn0w, which is behind the Sn0wbreeze jailbreaking tool, a new update (version 2.2.1) has been released which supposedly fixes the iBooks issue . It also addresses issues affecting Verizon iPhone jailbreakers on iOS 4.2.6, issues for users of the Windows Classic theme and it adds a drag and drop feature for moving IPSW files (the iPhone firmware files used during the jailbreak process).