Miraizon has released Cinematize 3 Pro for Macintosh. Built on top of its predecessor, Cinematize 2 Pro, Cinematize 3 Pro is a DVD clip extractor and converter.

It allows users to extract audio and video clips off of DVDs and convert them into formats such as QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Keynote, PowerPoint, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, and iPads, as well as formats suitable for web sites such as YouTube. With the introduction of dramatically enhanced preview and batch extraction features, Cinematize 3 Pro users can extract DVD clips more quickly and easily, says Miraizon founder and CEO, David Salamon.

Cinematize 3 Pro provides fully synchronized preview of any combination of video, audio, and subtitle tracks available on a DVD, helping users to locate clips for extraction. Its improved batch extraction functionality greatly saves users’ time by allowing them to extract at once clips from any part of a DVD using the same or different settings. This means users can extract English and French audio tracks, a high-quality QuickTime movie and a compressed iPod movie, short and long movies, clips from different Video Title Sets — all in one shot, says Salamon.

A thumbnail view lets users identify clips in the Extraction List. Users can edit, duplicate, replace and reorganize their selected clips. Cinematize 3 Pro even allows users to combine all the clips in the Extraction List into one output movie. The Extraction List can also be saved out and loaded in so users can later extract the clips or add additional clips to an existing list.

Cinematize 3 Pro provides various additional convenient and advanced features. In addition to the same QuickTime, DV, AVI, MPEG-4, iPod, and still picture formats supported by Cinematize 2 Pro, Cinematize 3 Pro now provides direct output to H.264, iPhone, iPad, and 3GP phone formats. Users can specify output audio sample sizes up to 32 bits and adjust the output volume level as needed. Subtitles can now be burned into video.

Users can save settings presets without any restrictions and load them again for reuse. By using threading to take advantage of multiple CPUs, Cinematize 3 Pro provides significantly faster performance, says Salamon.

Priced at US$129.95 and $149.95 respectively, Cinematize 3 Pro for Mac (downloadable version) and Cinematize 3 Pro for Macintosh (box version) are available for purchase immediately at Miraizon’s online store ( http://www.miraizon.com/store/store.html). Special upgrade pricing is available for users of previous versions of Cinematize and Cinematize Pro.
The box version of Cinematize 3 Pro for Macintosh will also be available shortly through standard retail distribution channels. Miraizon plans to release Cinematize 3 for Macintosh shortly followed by Cinematize 3 Pro and Cinematize 3 for Windows.