In the past I’ve expressed doubts that there’s a need for a 7-inch iPad — and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said as much (though the rumors still abound). However, my buddy and idea guy, J. Scott Anderson, thinks there’s room for a 7-inch iPod touch.

Scott says the main reason isn’t for consumers — though there are possibilities there. And perhaps seven inches isn’t the right size, but a device situated between the iPad and the iPhone is needed, he says. Perhaps this is something that is sold as a VAR [value added reseller] device or even directly to manufacturers.

Here’s Scott’s reasoning: “Think about the millions of autos that are sold. The 10-inch iPad is too big for the dash and for the headrests. The iPhone size is too small. What about floor sales staff? The iPad certainly works as does the iPhone; however, I keep seeing a device between the two as a better item to carry around for taking orders. There are a lot of other possibilities, but let’s focus on autos.

“I’m sure you’ve seen the OnStar and the Sync products by GM and Ford respectively. Can you not imagine an iOS device sitting in the dash replacing the typical built-in (and third party) radios, DVD players, GPS devices, cell phone connectivity, etc.? Besides the manufacturers, think about the value added resellers. I could see them installing the mythical 7-inch device on the front-wheel column of motor cycles even. At least I can see a mound there for one that size. The iPhone size is too small to read easily at that distance and the iPad size is too big to fit there. The same issues happen in autos.”

Hmmm, Scott may be onto something. What do you think?

— Dennis Sellers