Seagate Technology ( has begun shipments of the sixth generation of SV35, a 3.5-inch hard drive designed to meet the high demands of surveillance digital video recording, and of new high-capacity additions to the Pipeline HD family of purpose-built hard drives for consumer video applications.

Unlike solutions primarily designed for consumer video recorders, SV35 hard drives combine the high performance, capacity and reliability for the exacting workloads of video surveillance recording and network surveillance video recorders, according to the folks at Seagate. The Seagate SV35 now delivers up to 2TB of capacity to enable calable surveillance system storage design and is approved for 24×7 video surveillance applications with a MTBF of more than 1 million hours.

Pipeline HD is now available in 1.5TB and 2.0TB capacities. Performance-tuned for video recording and playback, Pipeline HD drives support at least 10 simultaneous streams of high-definition movie content, deliver bedroom-quiet acoustics and consume much less power than standard desktop hard drives.

Contact Seagate for pricing options on the new drives.