Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

MH Riley has announced My Mortgage Mentor 1.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s an US$2.99 mortgage toolkit that’s designed to help people choose the most cost effective mortgage. To achieve this it implements a three-part strategy, allowing the user to calculate, analyze and compare.

Warm Fuzzy Apps has released RipDeck for the iPhone. It’s a $1.99 workout generator based on a deck of cards. Featuring beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workouts, the exercises are simple to start and can be done at home with no gym equipment necessary. There is also a custom workout, which can be tailored to the exercises and number of repetitions the user chooses.

Thandros Media has introduced Fun With Thandros 1.0 an $0.99 iPhone app that lets children of all ages play with their very own digital robot in four games. Kids meet Thandros, a robot who loves to go on adventures and isn’t afraid to undertake a quest or a challenge.

iZooLu has unveiled The Spinning Lady 1.0 for iPhone devices. In the free app, the title character has been all over the web, leaving a trail of conversation, arguments and laughter behind her. Now you can carry her in your pocket.

2 For Life Media is offering 101 Bridal Gowns 1.0 for the iPad. This $1.99 app by 2 For Couples is for the newly engaged and comes complete with a gown directory, featuring trends and silhouettes, and gowns accessorized.

Startdl Puzzles has got a brain teaser to share with everyone. Medley for iPhone offers a creative and entertaining new approach to the classic anagram word puzzles. Medley players are invited to solve the puzzles by flipping tilled letters horizontally. Words are comprised of five, six or seven letters depending on the difficulty level. The faster you uncover the words, the more points you gain. Medley offers beginner, medium and advanced levels to advance through. It costs $1.99, though there’s also a free, feature-limited “lite” version.

Krehol Games has unleashed Raynium 1.0, a 2D arcade shooter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. In the $1.99 app you take control of half-man/half-rhino who is seeking revenge against the evil President Draxus. The game is broken up into different stages and boss levels. Raynium has different guns at his disposal. Start off with two guns and upgrade to three after defeating a boss.

Advanced realtime low light video enhancement is now available on the iPhone without additional hardware. True NightVision 1.5 costs $0.99 and uses video technology to deliver incredible low-light vision on the iPhone 4 and 3GS, not just for photos but live video in HD on iPhone 4.

PhatWare has announced WritePad for iPad 4.5, an update to their $9.99 note taking and handwriting recognition software for iOS devices. It converts practically any handwriting into computer text. Version 4.5 introduces export to PDF, and the Palm Rest feature, which allows users to rest their hand on the iPad screen while writing.

Lewis Anderson has updated Mr Cruncher for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to version 1.2. The $3.99 stock and security app utilizes and displays price charts, indicators, technicals and strength estimates. Users can also access the app’s web browser if they want to do an online search to find out even more about a stock or security.