Bayhoff Software has released BayCard 1.0, a modern day HyperCard clone on the Mac App Store. It works with Mac OS X 10.6 and higher and costs US$19.99.

It was designed to allow non-programmers to bring their own visions to life without the need to learn how to write code. Like HyperCard, a BayCard document can be thought of as a stack of index cards. Unlike HyperCard, BayCard doesn’t feature a scripting language. In place of a scripting language, BayCard features over 25 interface widgets including, but not limited to, tables, lists, web pages, date pickers, and iTunes-style star ratings.

According to the folks at Bayhoff Software, BayCard can be utilized in many different ways by different users. For example, one user may choose to use BayCard to organize their life. Another user may use the program to design a simple presentation. Finally, a third user may use BayCard to design several point-and-click adventures.