A leading supplier of replacement power products for the education
market, Oncore Power Systems today announced it has developed a 6-Bay
Charger specifically for Apple MacBook and iBook computers that
recharges up to six batteries. Oncore is also introducing a power
upgrade kit that includes the 6-Bay Charger and six replacement
batteries, specifically intended to give new life to older classroom

The new 6-Bay Charger is designed to serve a need within the
education market where laptop usage in the K- 12 classrooms has grown
steadily over the past 15 years. Students first began using Apple
computers in the classroom back in 1983 when Apple offered every
classroom in California a free computer. Today classrooms across the
U.S use laptops and teachers have incorporated the technology into
their lesson plans.

In classrooms, students work at their desks with laptops, many of
which are older models still using original batteries. With new
batteries offering a maximum of 3 hours of run time, power continuity
is critical for classrooms to maintain a smooth transition from one
student or class to the next. An Oncore 6-Bay Charger and a pack of
six replacement batteries can keep an entire class powered up
continuously and cost effectively.

The Oncore 6-Bay Charger immediately reviews the state of health of
the battery and safely charges each one with an automatic charge
cycle. The 11″ x 7″ charger holds six MacBook or iBook batteries and
can recharge six empty MacBook batteries in less than 8 hours. The
Oncore 6-Bay Charger was designed as a companion to Apple laptop
computers, with a sleek, white design and low profile.

“Budget cuts are keeping schools from upgrading equipment, and many
classrooms are using older notebooks. Students at our local schools
have complained of batteries that last only 10-15 minutes before
needing to be changed. This is a distraction for the students and the
teachers. What schools need is a low cost power upgrade solution
tailored for their specific needs. The right charger, combined with
six new high capacity Oncore batteries, can maximize students’ run
time and improve a school’s performance on older notebooks at a
fraction of the cost of buying a new machine today,” said Mark
Rapparport, president of Oncore Power Systems and the design leader
behind the new charger.

The new Oncore 6-Bay Charger sells for $395 in single unit quantities
and is currently available through PC Mall Gov
(www.pcmallgov.com),800-MALLGOV and preferred resellers. The Charger
is also available in a value power upgrade kit with 6 high capacity
Oncore batteries.

Oncore Power, founded in 2002, provides high performance replacement
power products for laptops and electronic devices to a variety of
market segments including education. Oncore also offers a complete
line of copper and fiber optic networking cables. Headquartered in
Irvine, Calif., Oncore Power products are available through resellers
such as PC Mall, PC Mall Gov, Mac Mall, PC Connection, Gov
Connection, SHI, Insight, Buy.com and others that purchase via
distributor Ingram Micro. For more information, please visit