4i Concepts (http://4iconcepts.com/) is debuting three products for the iPhone, iPad and iPod at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One is the second generation 4iThumbs (US$24.95), an overlay screen with ridges to guide iPhone users’ thumbs for accurate text input.

Providing tactile feedback similar to a QWERTY keypad, the invisible design allows for blind typing on touchscreen interfaces while protecting the face of the phone, without blocking any portion of the screen. Improved from the first generation design, which launched in November 2009, 4iThumbs2 can be removed and stored on the back of the phone when not in use and requires no installation.

Designed for iPhones 3G/S and 4 and the iPod touch, it comes in both landscape and portrait versions. It’s available with just the keypad (4iThumbs2, $12.95) or with a bumper compatible with the iPhone 4 to securely hold the keypad in place

Also being unveiled is the $19.95 4iStrap (pictured), a multi-function elastic band designed to hold the iPad securely in a variety of different positions. Compatible with all folio iPad cases, the 4iStrap affords users the ability to type more comfortably, hold their device with one hand or hang their iPad safely from the back of a car seat to display movies to passengers during long car trips. The 4iStrap ($19.95) can also be used without a case and holds any small accessories for the iPad like earphones or an internet hotspot.

The third product, the 4iTorq, transforms the sixth gen iPod nano into a watch. It offers full access to all nano functions, while concealing headphone cables up the wearer’s sleeve. The 4iTorq will be available in colored aluminum finishes ($49.95), stainless steel ($95.95) and titanium ($250). The 4iTorq can also be used with wireless Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with iPods (such as Sony’s Wireless Stereo Headset DR-BT21IK/).