Nova media ( has released ÜberMask for Mac OS X, an US$19.9 utility that hides files and folders with a keystroke from curious eyes and inadvertent discovery. Files and folders managed by ÜberMask can’t even be found by Spotlight.

“ÜberMask is not designed to encrypt files or turn a Mac into Fort Knox,” says Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. “Rather it will hide files and folders as quick as a flash so that colleagues, partners or kids can not stumple upon them. Any user of ÜberMask can give his Mac into other hands without a second thought.”

ÜberMask uses custom selected key combinations to hide and manage files and folders. Using a BOSS key, all managed data will be hidden at the same time. The ÜberMask key is used to hide or reveal single files and folders and to launch the ÜberMask application.

As soon as the Mac is switched off, ÜberMask taked care to hide all managed files as well. This way all special files and folders are hidden from view even if the user forgot to use the BOSS key.

The ÜberMask application is used to view all managed files and folders. It displays the current status of any managed file and can open a file or folder with a double click from within the application. A dedicated search engine helps to use all managed files.

ÜberMask requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. A 14-day demo version is available for download.