From: Ken-ichiro Hidaka (
Subject: Let me introduce my software

Dear Madams or Sirs,

My name is hida. I am Macintosh programer.

I have made KinkyBeepII.
Please let me introduce KinkyBeepII.
KinkyBeepII is the sound synthesizer that creates system alerts and effect
sound, etc. You can download it at following URL.

If you like KinkyBeepII, would you take up KinkyBeepII on MacTech Magazine?
I think that game developers and multimedia developers needs KinkyBeepII,
because they can make original sound with easy operation using KinkyBeepII.

Thank you for your attention.
Good luck on your work.


Product Name : KinkyBeepII
Version : 2.0.0
Author : hida
License : Shareware, $10
Download Page :
Direct Link :
Direct Download File Size: 472 KB
Icon URL :
Register Link :
Requirements : MacOS 8 or later. PPC.

Description :
KinkyBeepII is a synthesizer to create the various sounds. It is suitable
to make the effect sounds or the alert sounds.

You can create dynamic, weird, wiggly, or natural sound, etc., with an easy
operation. And you can use the sounds that you make as alert sound for
Macintosh, effect sounds for multimedia works, or can edit with other sound
editor, because you can save the sounds as system sounds. You’ll also find
the sample files in this package.

Requires MacOS 8 or later. PPC only. Virus checked by Norton AntiVirus

email :
url :