SRS Labs announced the latest generation of SRS’ plug and play hardware audio enhancement accessory, the SRS iWOW 3D for the iPod, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPad. Engineered to work in tandem with a free SRS iWOW app, this small plug-in device delivers an “immersive, engaging and truly personal audio entertainment experience,” says Allen H. Gharapetian, vice president of marketing for SRS Labs.

The new SRS iWOW 3D is housed in a slim, satin black enclosure that features an extended line-out headphone jack at one end; the other end is designed to connect to the standard 30-pin connector of an iPod, iPhone or iPad. The SRS iWOW 3D is available in two models: the premium iWOW-3DHF model and the base iWOW-3D model.

Both models feature the new SRS iWOW 3D adapter but in different package configurations. Five interchangeable color faceplates create a personalized appeal in the HF model only. This model also touts custom-designed, in-ear earbuds.

SRS iWOW 3D retrieves and restores audio cues that are buried deep within the original source material to provide a three-dimensional sound stage. The free app personalizes the output settings of the iWOW 3D with custom-tuned programs for headphones, external speakers and car audio systems. The app also provides the users with the ability to increase bass or treble, as well as add a surround sound effect to their audio.

Both SRS iWOW 3D models will be available by the end of Januaryfor purchase online at suggested retail prices of US$99.99 for the premium HF model and $69.99 for the base model. Both products will be available at SRS Labs’ Store ( as well as several online retailers including,, and