Peep Wireless Technology ( is revealing its PeepApp iPhone software at CES in Las Vegas. The software App turns every phone into a client/server viral transmitter/receiver.

Those “seed phones”, in turn, capture every device with Bluetooth, WiFi or other spectrum points (ie, game boxes, Bluetooth devices, computers, Internet TVs and more) and cause the Peep Mesh to grow and grow around the world in a repercussive peer-to-peer manner. The app will also be released on other phone platforms in the future.

Why would you want this? According to the folks at Peep Wireless, you’d need to pay a phone bill again. All your email, internet and media access would be “free forever,” and you’d control a new type of Internet/mobile network. An embedded social network structure pays them to use the system and transact with the app.

The entire solution is software-based but Peep will, in future announcements, release a keyfob item that purportedly quadruples the range, scope and power of the PeepApp. With the Peep technology, every mobile device connects instantly to every other unit by WiFi, Bluetooth, optical, GSM, CDMA or walkie talkie channels that the PeepApp is constantly scanning.

No cell tower, base station or Internet server is needed. Phone calls, media sharing, texts, movies, media and data sharing can be free between all mobile devices. All mobile units act as nodes that transport data traffic between all the other mobile devices in clusters.

Any phone call moves from one device to the next in segments, sometimes in different duplicate segments with the fastest segment of the duplicates being used until the call reaches its destination. Unused duplicate segments are discarded. This viral mesh network growth can instantly span a vast area with no external infrastructure required. The patent-issued, particulated, AES protected data reduces network logjam by its data-spraying technique, according to the folks at Peep Wireless Technology.