Some Apple executives and officers recently combined to donate more than US$3 million worth of company shares to charitable causes, reports “AppleInsider” (

According regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission , two members of Apple’s executive team, as well as two of its directors, teamed up to donate nearly 10,000 shares of Apple stock between Dec. 10 and 17 the article adds. At their current valuation, those shares are valued at roughly $3.2 million.

The most generous was Apple board member and J. Crew chief executive Millard Drexler, who gave away 6,800 worth $2.17 million, notes “AppleInsider.” Apple’s Senior Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering Bob Mansfield had four days earlier gifted 1,562 of his shares, worth just over half a million.

Also making donations were Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer and Apple board member Arthur D. Levinson, who gave 1,320 and 277 of their shares, worth approximately $423,000 and $89,000, respectively, adds “AppleInsider.”