Grantwood Technology ( has released the new MacVelope, a laptop sleeve designed specifically for the new MacBook Air computers, one version for the 11-inch model and one for the 13-inch model.

Both can also be combined with the MacVelope Companion Bag. Designed to mimic a standard interoffice mail envelope, the MacVelope has manila-colored vinyl on the outside and black ballstic nylon on the inside, along with a Velcro closure and red string for added effect.

Customers can place the MacVelope into the lightweight Companion Bag, along with such accessories as the External MacBook Air SuperDrive, MagSafe Power Adapter, Ethernet cables, etc. When traveling, they can slide the Companion Bag over the handle of wheeled suitcases, or simply over their shoulder using the included shoulder strap. Three zippered compartments provide plenty of organization.

The MacVelope retails for US$24.99. The MacVelope Companion Bag retails for $29.99. The MacVelope and MacVelope Companion Bag can be purchased together for $49.99.