With iPads and smartphones (getting smarter), gaming will become a thing of the mobile device, according to the trend predictions of GamersFirst, a Free2Play destination.

Now with mobile Internet users’ approaching 80% of all Internet users there has been significant growth in the U.S., Europe and Russia. Despite the fizzle of the mobile games hype, gaming has already showed tremendous promise through its drastic growth of social network usage over the past year, says GamersFirst. Mobile applications will reflect a distinct rise in gaming, using it as an additional tool of communication and collaboration between social networks, through a mobile device.

GamersFirst also says that, with new publisher startups and small independent development studios popping up all over the globe, gamers will have more choices (or more confusion) than ever. Niche games will become popular. Blockbuster online games will become a dime a dozen, making it critical for game publishers to choose strong titles in 2011. A publisher’s size will become increasingly irrelevant to the success of the game.