Redpark serial cables for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and are now shipping. The cables make it possible to connect to serial devices such as point of sale devices, scientific instrumentation, industrial process control equipment, networking equipment, and devices used in home and office automation, says President Mike Ridenhour.

In order to comply with Made for iPod policies each cable will be engineered for a specific purpose, he adds. The first cable that was released is Southern Stars SkyWire. The cable is used in conjunction with the SkySafari app to turn an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a 21st century telescope controller.

Redpark is now available to work with iOS app developers that have a need for serial connectivity for a specific purpose. “We will need to work in conjunction with each app developer to get their app working with a cable and to complete the necessary approval processes,” explains Ridenhour. More info about SkyWire is available at .