Dracoventions (http://www.dracoventions.com) has announced 2empowerFM Developer Assistant 2.5 for FileMaker Pro.

Developer Assistant lets FileMaker developers search for text within all scripts, database fields, tables, and in many other database windows. Developers can also evaluate selected text to speed debugging and development. Version 2.5 has completed beta testing for Macintosh FileMaker, includes an improved user interface, and now works when FileMaker is set to any of its 10 standard languages.

2empowerFM Developer Assistant v2.5 is available immediately. This is a free upgrade for those who purchased a Mac or Windows license within the last year. New Developer Assistant licenses start at US$69 for a single user; upgrades after a year are half price. Other plug-ins in the 2empowerFM family start at $19 and some are free. Developer (redistribution) licenses are also available. Fully functional, 30-day demo copies can be downloaded with no sign-up required.