TuneWear (http://www.tunewear.com) has announced the new TuneFolio Urban series of mobility cases for the iPad. The US$59.95 can be carried like a notebook, includes a shoulder strap and can be positioned as a stand.

The TuneFolio Urban is available in two styles, wide and tall, and four color variations. hen closed, it can be carried like a notebook with the iPad held securely inside. The iPad screen is fully protected and the elastic band keeps the case tightly shut and prevents the Apple tablet from slipping out.

The wide stylecan be folded into a horizontal standing position and is best for watching movies or surfing web sites. It has a velcro adhesive mechanism that allows setting the iPad angle at any position. To adjust the position, lift the Apple tablet up and then place it back down down to the preferred angle. Adjust it to a steeper angle for watching a movie or adjust it to a lower angle for typing.

A detachable long shoulder strap is included so the TuneFolio Urban can be carried across the shoulder when you’re on the move. By placing the strap around your neck, iPad can be positioned like a sketch board for drawing and viewing.

With the tablet inside, the dock connector, buttons and switches are all fully accessible. A TuneFilm protective film is included to cover the iPad LCD. There is also a cleaning cloth to wipe away dirt or dust after use.