The magazine publishing company, Future, has unveiled 14 new titles for the iPad, each a tablet-specific niche brand that hadn’t existed in print. However, “each is a timeless one-off, designed to attract a large number of single-copy sales this coming New Year,” says “mocoNews” (

Any decision on a regular long-term tablet publishing schedule for Future’s monthly titles will come after these one-offs, perhaps hinting at how publishers are having to find a cost-effective iPad production timetable before going forward, the article adds. It means Future’s tablet strategy looks a lot like its roster of specialist “bookazine” one-offs, which increasingly grace newsagent shelves, says “mocoNews.”

Future does publish 50 of its printed monthly magazines on iPad as digital replicas distributed through the Zinio digital subscription/mag publishing service. As for tablet-specific editions, Future has published two iPad-native editions of “T3,” its gadget/tech publication.