TeXPalette 1.1 released!

TeXPalette provides a GUI to Darwin-based TeX distributions, such as teTeX.
You use your favorite Mac OS X text editor to write the code, and you can
go from source to final output in one click! Alternatively, you can use the
dock menu if screen real estate is especially precious.

TeXPalette sports the following features:

* one-click tex-xing
* Postscript or PDF output
* tex or latex
* one-click bibtex/makeindex
* one-click production of output from tex-source (runs
tex/bibtex/makeindex in the right order to take any tex file to final
* one-click viewing
* drag-and-drop support: identify the file to tex by dragging-and-dropping
a file icon (including a proxy icon from a document window)
* dock menu alternatives for all tex-xing functions
* visual and/or audio feedback (using built-in speech capabilities)
* designed to work along side your favorite Mac text editor

TeXPalette requires the following:
– Mac OS X 10.1
– A Darwin-based TeX distribution (tested mostly with teTeX)
– A Mac text editor, such as BBEdit or Pepper (Textedit is ok, but others
are a lot better)

John D. Johnson, Ph.D.