Apple has overtaken Nokia for the first time to become the number one smartphone vendor in Australia, reports the “Sydney Morning Herald” (

The iPhone now accounts for 36.5%of the smartphone market, compared to Nokia’s 30.5% share, according to IDC’s “Q3 Mobile Device Tracker” report. However, Google’s Android platform is growing even faster than Apple’s iOS with a 21%, up from 7.1% in quarter two (Q2) and only 2.1% in Q1.

“It’s looking like next year it’s going to be close between Android and Apple but I would be inclined to say that Apple will keep its lead, although we have been under pretty much every quarter with our Android forecast so anything really is possible at this stage,” IDC Australia telecommunications analyst Mark Novosel told the “Herald.” “Given the way that it is growing, this time next year Android could be number one. It really depends how next year will pan out.”