Now families with Macs can block the unwanted content on YouTube without blocking the entire site with the newest Mac edition of’s Safe Eyes, a Mac family Internet manager with intelligent YouTube filtering.  

Safe Eyes 3.6 for Mac eliminates the need to make all YouTube videos off-limits simply to shield children from those that are off-color and otherwise objectionable — including 5,700 clips about phone sex, 287,000 tagged bra, and 907,000 labeled porn. While forbidding access to all YouTube content is still an option, the software now has the ability to:

° Filter videos on the YouTube site on a clip-by-clip basis.

° Enforce tighter controls than YouTube’s own self-policing system, which enables site users to voluntarily flag videos as unsuitable for viewers under 18 but has no automated rating capabilities.

° Simultaneously screen YouTube videos embedded in Facebook, emails, blogs and elsewhere.

Parents can configure Safe Eyes to selectively filter YouTube content simply by checking a few boxes on the product’s Filter Administrator. It also enables parents to block objectionable websites, instant messenger chats, social networks, and peer-to-peer file sharing programs as well as control Internet use by length of time, time of day and day of the week.  Parents can define which web sites will be blocked by category, URL and keyword; receive instant alerts when children try to access blocked sites, and remotely change program settings or view reports from any Internet-enabled computer.  

Safe Eyes 3.6 for Mac with YouTube controls can be purchased at or downloaded free of charge at the site by existing owners. An US$49.95 annual subscription covers up to three Mac and/or PC computers with the ability to customize settings for each child and enforce them on any machine. It supports Mac OS X 10.4.1 and later.  

The software also syncs with Safe Eyes Mobile,’s filtered web browser for mobile devices, enabling profiles and settings to follow a user from desktop to the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch to ensure consistent protection across multiple devices. Safe Eyes Mobile is available separately for $19.99 at the Apple App Store.