Another day, another lawsuit. Apple is being sued for patent infringement by a company called Softview over the way it displays mobile content on its iPhone and iPod touch devices, reports “The Loop” (

According to court documents filed in the District of Delaware, Softview alleges that Apple is infringing on its so-called ‘353 patent, issued to Gary Rohrabaugh and Scott Sherman, and owned by Softview. The patent describes the “Scalable Display of Internet Content on Mobile Devices.”

AT&T is also being sued since it sells the iPhone in the U.S. Softview is asking the court for a preliminary and permanent injunction against Apple, and an unspecified amount of cash, notes “The Loop.”

SoftView ( makes a vector graphic display system and web browser for PDAs, cell phones, and other Internet devices. It includes vector graphic viewers and web browsers for PDA, Cell Phone, Smart Phone, desktop, portable wireless, and other Internet devices.