has launched Family Tree Maker for Mac, the new Mac version of the family history software. It provides a way to save and organize your family tree on your Mac computer and has a variety of tools that can help you share your discoveries with family and friends.

Family Tree Maker for Mac combines intuitive tools with robust features and flexible options, making it ideal for family history novices and experts alike, says Eric Shoup, senior vice president of Product for A dynamic user interface and integration with makes it simple to create family trees, record memories, and organize photos, videos and audio clips, plus share ancestors’ stories, he adds.

It’s even possible to explore family migration paths by viewing timelines and interactive maps that highlight events and places in ancestors’ lives. The first step is to start a family tree by entering and organizing family history information. From there, a myriad of features help you bring your family history to life:

° You can grow your family tree. Search directly from Family Tree Maker and seamlessly merge historical records and important information you find into your tree. Family Tree Maker for Mac comes with either a free trial or subscription to

° Organize photos and documents in one location. Add photos, documents, audio, video and other media files to the people in your tree to help make their stories even more fascinating.

° Create family books, charts and reports. You can publish keepsakes and books to share with friends and family.

° Craft slideshows. You can create slideshows from photos in your tree.

° Cite the right information with standard source templates.

° Explore family migration paths. You can view timelines and interactive maps, highlighting events and places in your ancestors’ lives.

° Track information: sourcing tools let you document and rate each citation.

Family Tree Maker for Mac is now available for purchase online at starting at US$69.99. The program is also available in select retail stores, including Apple Stores, Amazon, Office Depot, and Office Max.