Best Buy says the new Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and Beatbox portable speakers are now in stores for the holidays. Now available are the new iBeats in-ear headphones, in a Best Buy exclusive black/chrome color combination, for use with all portable music players including the iPod.

The new products include:

° iBeats — black/black or black/chrome (a Best Buy exclusive), US$99.99;

° Power Beats, black, inspired by 2009 and 2010 NBA MVP Lebron James, it has an over-the-ear hook design for use during physical activity, allows ambient noise to be heard while offering l sound, ControlTalk for use with iPods and iPhones for quick access to MP3 control during physical activity. $149.99

° Beats Pro, white or black, a headphone for professionals and prosumers. Ear cups flip up for monitoring. It has a metal design and 6-foot cable with short coil sections for heavy duty use.$399.99.

° Beat Box. This is Beat’s first portable digital sound system with a built-in iPod/iPhone docking station. $399.99.