Absoft Corp. (http://www.absoft.com) has announced general availability of the new Absoft Pro Fortran 11.1 for Mac OS X. The new version advances parallel code development, analysis and performance on the Mac and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.x (“Snow Leopard”) and Xcode 3.2.

Absoft considers version 11.1 a major release as it includes several new features that simplify development of extremely fast code for parallel systems, says President Wood Lotz. The new version expands the Fortran suite with additional performance tools for multi-cores.

 In addition to Absoft’s proprietary Dynamic AP technology, new features in Pro Fortran 11.1 for Mac OS include: a graphical SMP code and vector analyzer to assist in code tuning, OpenMP 3.0 support in the compiler, debugger and IDE, CUDA GPU support, IDE improvements (Apple C/C++ is supported as a plug-in), Fortran 2003 ISO C bindings, and upgraded documentation. Absoft states Pro Fortran v11.1 binaries are fully compatible with Pro Fortran 10.0 and later, so customers need just recompile to obtain additional performance benefits. 

The Pro Fortran v11.1 suite includes: Fortran 90/95 compiler with legacy and F2003 extensions, Fx3 graphical debugger, graphical SMP analyzer, industry leading Fortran IDE (C/C++ also), MRWE application framework, math libraries, 2D/3D graphics and technical support. Link and debug compatible with Apple C/C++. Pro Fortran 11.1 options include the IMSL numerical library (1000 special function routines) bundle, which constitutes a savings of US$300 compared to individual pricing. Pro Fortran 11.1 prices start at $299.  Upgrade pricing is also available.