Arten Science has announced ooSooMpro (, their cross platform, Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) and Windows task management and encrypted document management solution. According to the folks at Arten Science, the idea behind ooSooMpro is simple: to get on with the job in hand you need to get thoughts of what needs doing and what needs remembering out of your head and safely and securely logged, in a way that means you can find them later when needed.

Supposedly, ooSooMpro doesn’t attempt to force a predetermined “methodology” on you, but has a free format allowing you to use it however you like. It’s also a secure digital filing system. Drag and drop your PDF files, JPG files, DOC files, etc, into ooSooMpro to file them away quickly.

Tasks and Vault Items and Documents within ooSooMpro can be encrypted. This allows you to use ooSooMpro to store confidential information such as passwords, serial numbers, credit card numbers, bank details, etc. You have the option, on an item by item basis, to secure your confidential information using up to 384-bit Blowfish Encryption.

Another feature of ooSooMpro is that it’s part of Arten Science’s ContaxCRM Suite, which means direct integration with ContaxCRM, a CRM contact management package. This means that tasks, vault items and documents can be linked to individual customers, suppliers or contacts.

ooSooMpro is available now at a special introductory price of US$15. Educational, charity and corporation site licenses are available at a discount.