MicroNet Technology (http://www.micronet.com), a provider of storage solutions that small and medium businesses (SMBs) can rely on, has unveiled the RAIDBank5, a storage solution that combines a 10TB capacity with the performance and data reliability of RAID 5 and the speed of  USB 3.0 connectivity.

The RAIDBank5 is a RAID solution for storage-intensive digital media applications. The folks at MicroNet say they designed the RAIDBank5 for maximum performance with a hardware RAID architecture that delivers more than 200 MB/second and quad interface connectivity with the industry’s fastest external storage interfaces including, FireWire 400 and 800, 300 MB/sec eSATA and the new USB 3.0 at 500 MB/sec.

When configured for RAID 5 operations, the RAIDBank5 delivers read and write speeds of 218 MB/sec and 220 MB/sec, respectively. It’s designed for storage-centric needs of professional digital audio applications and digital video production environments with support for multi-stream High Definition Video, DVCPro for broadcasting use, Apple’s Pro-Res 422 for post production on Final Cut Studio, as well as uncompressed Standard Definition and High Definition video workflow.

One-button backup provides automatic protection of multiple terabytes of critical data while data security is assured with an USB plug-in encryption key that provides AES-256 encryption, approved by the U.S. government to protect top secret data. RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 3 and 5 are supported with simple plug-and-play RAID configuration enabled via a graphical user interface or with a rotary switch on the unit.

MicroNet has further addressed the requirements of SMBs with hot-swappable disk drives and swappable fan modules for real-time, on-site replacement for continuous data protection. Drive modules can be swapped out while the RAIDBank5 continues to operate with no data loss or interruption of data availability. The noise-free fan module with SMART thermal sensor is also user-replaceable without any downtime.

MicroNet’s RAIDBank5 is available immediately with pricing ranging from US$799 for a 2.5 TB to $1,799 for the 10 TB configuration.