“Advertising Week” has published the results of a Nielsen survey (http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/consumer/the-connected-devices-age-ipads-kindles-smartphones-and-the-connected-consumer/) of 5,000 consumers who own a tablet computer, eReader, netbook, media player or smartphone — including 400 iPad owners. The survey found, among other things, that iPad owners skew younger and more male.

Per the survey:

° 65% of iPad owners are male and 63% are under 35.

° Amazon Kindle owners tend to be wealthier. 44% of them make more than US$80,000/year compared with 39% of iPad owners and 37% of iPhone owners. They also tend to have more education: 27% of Kindle owners have Master’s degrees or PhDs.

° iPad owners tend to be more receptive to advertising; 39% say ads on their connected device are new and interesting (compared with 19% of all connected device owners), and 46% say they enjoy ads with interactive features (compared with 27% of the rest).

° Perhaps most important to advertisers, iPad owners are also the most likely to have made a purchase as a result of seeing an ad on their connected device.