More than 500 medical students at the University of Leeds are being issued with iPhones which can access online text books, reports the BBC ( And the Tasmanian Department of Education and Training has revealed over 30 iPads are being trialled in a number of schools across the state, notes “Computerworld” (

The Apple smartphones at the University of Leeds — a British Redbrick university located in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England — have applications providing students with reference material and prescription guidelines. The university, claiming a first for UK medical schools, says the phones will also be used to keep in contact with students training in hospitals. The iPhones must be returned when students graduate.

Regarding the iPads in Tasmania (an Australian island and state), ““There are about 30 iPads across 10 schools or thereabouts. We have a couple of primary schools that only have a couple each — they are just trying them in literacy programs,” Trevor Hill, the department’s director of Information Technology Services, told “Computerworld.” “We have a couple of high schools that have ten each that are trialling them a bit more across some of the other curriculum areas –not just literacy.”