Unity 2.0 Released!

Unity Technologies is extremely proud to announce the release of Unity 2.0,
the largest and most exciting update to Unity and the Unity Web Player that
has ever been released. This major update includes more than 50 new
features and a variety of other product updates. Everything about Unity 2.0
is designed to make your games look better on more platforms, run faster,
and be easier to make.

Your Games Look Better
Creating content with strong visual appeal is a key element to your
success, and there are a number of features to be found in Unity 2.0 that
allow you to create content that looks even better than before. This is due
to a variety of new features, including the ability to play video files as
textures on any surface with ease and an all new way of developing content
GUI systems.

Your Games Run Faster
Alongside top-notch visuals, developers also require the highest
performance possible and as such we’ve also included a number of features
in Unity 2.0 that will boost your frame rates and script execution speeds.
These performance improvements are based partly on core engine
optimizations as well as new features like DirectX 9 rendering support on

Your Games are Easier to Make
A key advantage of using Unity is the fact that it allows you to learn
faster and do more with less effort, and we haven’t forgotten that in Unity
2.0. The workflow improvement features include an all new companion
product, the Unity Asset Server, which allows teams of developers to easily
stay in synch and provide project source control capabilities. They also
include a number of significant improvements and additions to the
documentation, including new references guides for shaders, network enabled
games and the terrain rendering engine.

Learn More Today
Of course there are many new features and improvements that haven’t been
mentioned above. The best way to learn about them all is to visit our
website where you can learn more about the new features, download and use
the free 30-day trial or go ahead and purchase Unity 2.0 today.

Here is a brief pricing overview for Unity 2.0:

Unity 2.0 Indie: $199 / =A4149 / =A524000
Unity 2.0 Pro: $1499 / =A41099 / =A5175000

Unity 1.x Indie to Unity 2.0 Indie: $99 / =A475 / =A512000
Unity 1.x Pro to Unity 2.0 Pro: $649 / =A4475 / =A576000

Unity 2.0 is an incredible release, give it a look and discover just how
incredible it is for yourself!

What’s new in Unity 2.0:
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