January 19, 2007 – Freeridecoding releases BurnAgain DVD, the next
evolution in using burnable media. Using BurnAgain DVD you can just
add files to CDR,CDRW and now also DVD+RW media SEVERAL TIMES
(without creating multiple volumes and without erasing the disk). The
burned disk will always show all files in one volume and will also be
readable on Windows and Linux. If items already on the disk are
burned again, BurnAgain DVD automatically evaluates the changes and
adds only new or changed files to the disk. BurnAgain DVD allows to
change the title of the disk at each burn, hiding of previously
burned files and preserves all HFS specific attributes (resource
forks) during burn. All this makes BurnAgain DVD a absolutely unique
application on the Mac.

BurnAgain currently supports CDR, CDRW and DVD+RW. Support for
additional media types is already in development.

more information can be found at:
website: http://freeridecoding.com/burnagaindvd contact:

Licenses: Single USD 24.50 , Family Pack USD 48.50, Student USD 15
Upgrades for BurnAgain 2.x licenses are available for USD 9.50.