CasaTunes ( has announced new features to its CasaTunes software, including CasaTunesSync for the Mac, RadioTime and a new Pronto-based user interface.

CasaTunesSync for the Mac allows Apple users to synchronize their iTunes music from any Mac in the home with their CasaTunes Music Server. CasaTunes displays all of the iTunes music in the home as a single music library or as separate libraries for each Mac. Also included in this release is support for playing music from multiple connected iPod devices, including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, without the need to purchase iPod docking hardware. Regardless of whether the music resides in iTunes, on iPod devices, or both, CasaTunes can play the music throughout the home, says David Krinker, CEO of CasaTools.

The new release of CasaTunes includes support for the popular RadioTime, an Internet radio service with over 60,000 channels of global music, talk, programming, news, events and sports. CasaTunes selected RadioTime because of RadioTime’s large selection of stations throughout the U.S. and around the world, its comprehensive support for local programming, and the ease with which customers can quickly browse or search for their favorite stations, says Krinker. Through CasaTunes Music Server, each room can play a different RadioTime channel.

CasaTunes has also added a new 2-way Pronto interface with integration into the Philips Pronto universal remote controls. Providing many of the same capabilities as the existing CasaTunes browser and iPhone app, support for Pronto provides CasaTunes users with another way to control music throughout the home. The CasaTunes ProntoScript application works with the Philip’s Pronto TSU9400, TSU9600, and TSU9800 programmable remote controls.

CasaTunes multi-room music systems offers a variety of hardware/software solutions with its line of CasaTunes Music Servers for homes starting at six rooms up to 48-room installations. CasaTunesSync for the Mac comes as part of the CasaTunes software. Version 2.7 of the CasaTunes software is included with CasaTunes music servers, or can be purchased separately for $399.