Blue Raven today introduced the Maestro 1070, a one-piece iPod and iPhone speaker and docking station for digital audio playback. The Maestro 1070 is the first in a series of iPod docking and sound systems Blue Raven will launch in 2007, including two-piece speaker systems; Bluetooth enabled iPod speakers and noise cancelling headsets. It has 70 watts of total power, with one 5″ center subwoofer and two 3″ satellite speakers. The product has a universal dock for use with any dockable iPod that also charges the iPod when on. Consumers can connect almost any other audio device to the unit with the auxiliary in port, and can output videos for display on a TV. The Maestro, which also comes in black and white, comes with a 12-key remote for across the room control and is priced at US$199.