Connectivity solutions provider Gefen has released a new product line called GefenPRO (, which are designed to be professionally installed in broadcast, rental/staging and post-production environments.

All products include 24/7 customer support from trained technical service representatives available at Gefen. GefenPRO products also purportedly feature a more rugged construction and internal power supplies using industry standard AC cords to improve performance in the field.

The GefenPRO product line offers matrix systems with 16×16 and 32×32 switching systems supporting more sources and displays. Additional products in the line include longer distance signal extenders based on fiber optics and a mix of converter/scaler products converting the 3G-SDI standard to HDMI, DVI and vice versa. Most GefenPRO products include a front panel for switching, IP control with a web page layout and rack mountable enclosures.

Current GefenPRO products available include: 16×16 DVI Matrix; 8×8 DVI DL Matrix; 10×4 DVI DL Matrix; 8×8 DVI DL KVM Matrix; DVI to HDSDI Pro; 3GSDI to HD Scaler; HD Scaler to 3GSDI; 3GSDI Fiber Optics Extender; Extra Long Range Extender for HDMI over CAT-5 with POL; Extra Long Range Extender for HDMI over CAT-5 with POL II.