Kapeli has announced moveAddict 2.0 (http://kapeli.com/moveaddict), an update of the Mac OS X app that offers the capability to cut and paste files (with merging folders as a bonus) to the Finder. feature to Mac’s Finder. It works with the usual keyboard shortcuts for cut and paste.

With version 2.0, moveAddict has been completely rewritten to make it faster and more lightweight than before. The Finder is now used to move the files, which means that users will see the usual Finder progress indicator dialog while transferring files, as well as be able to undo and stop transfers.

A notification window and Finder file labels provide feedback at every stage. Original data remains untouched until the move gets safely registered by the Finder. What’s more, moveAddict doesn’t modify the Mac system in any way, it is just a small (5 MB) application.

moveAddict requires Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”). You can download a free version that allows moving one object at a time and is otherwise unrestricted. The regular version costs US$7.99.