Hutchings Software has released Share from Meeting, screen sharing software optimized for meetings and presentations. It runs on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer and uses bandwidth you already pay for to share screens with participants in your online meeting.

Participants can take turns presenting, whether they are on your local network or across the Internet. Besides being used for collaborative meetings, Share from Meeting is designed as a presentation tool for sales professionals and trainers. Sharing your screen lets you control the conversation, as participants need to watch in real time and can’t jump ahead. S

Share from Meeting is a client/server solution, where the “server” is deployed at a home or office. The server runs on low-end Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux systems, such as netbooks and decommissioned desktops. The server owner customizes the “client” with connection information, a logo, and usage agreement.

Most home broadband Internet customers have adequate bandwidth to watch and share screens in Share from Meeting, according to the folks at Hutchings Software. Many home broadband customers also have enough upstream bandwidth to host meetings with 5-10 participants.

A free “demo” version of Share from Meeting is available for download from . Licenses start at US$199.95. Pre-configured servers and annual maintenance contracts are also available.