Savant Systems (, having delivered the first Apple-based home automation and control system, has announced the introduction of their Logitech Squeezebox user interface, giving users access to continuous music via free Internet radio stations and subscription services anywhere in the home.
Savant’s new Squeezebox user interface provides an array of content streamed over a home network either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, giving listeners numerous delivery options. For example, you can play jazz in the study, wake up to local radio in the bedroom or use an online music service to create customized playlists. Savant’s Squeezebox user interface also provides access to a variety of streaming music from services such as Pandora, Rhapsody,, Sirius and others.  
In addition to streaming content, homeowners also have the option to enjoy Savant’s iTunes digital media server throughout the home via Savant’s multi-room audio solution. It combines the personalized media available on iTunes with the variety of streaming music services.

Savant’s new Squeezebox user interface works seamlessly with the iPad, using Savant’s iPad app.