Olive Media (http://www.olive.us) has announced the US$999 Olive O3HD music server for home stereo systems. Based on the Olive O4HD, it requires no software installation, networking setup or virus protection. It features a 24-bit/192 kHz DAC, dedicated storage and color touchscreen navigation, allowing you to store and access your complete music collection right at your stereo system.

The new Olive O3HD stores your music collection right at your stereo system, so networking problems are a concern of the past, says Dr. Oliver Bergmann, co-founder and CEO of Olive. The 24-bit DAC with 192 kHz up-sampling delivers your music in a quality that has never been heard before on a product in this price category, he says. Olive even has a free mobile application that will turn your iPhone or iPad into an Olive remote control.

Designed for music lovers with large music collections, the O3HD stores up to 1,500 CDs or 5,000 HD songs in a box no bigger than a standard CD player. Olive offers a CD Loading Service to load your entire music collection on your O3HD for instant enjoyment. Olive uploads the first hundred of your CDs for free.