Speck (http://www.speckproducts.com) is introducing a new line of carry bags and totes to accommodate the iPad, netbooks and other small computing devices.

The A-Line 10 (pictured) is a tech tote that can hold your iPad, netbook, e-reader or other smaller device. The new tote takes its namesake from the apparel industry description for dresses and skirts offering the classic “A-Line” shape. The zippered, padded and microfleece-lined main compartment holds and protects an iPad, netbook or e-reader, while two interior zippered pockets offer organized storage for other smaller essentials and include headphone cord pass-through openings.

The $49.95 PortPack is an expandable shoulder bag stays slim when loads are light or unzips to expand to twice its capacity as needed. Low-profile zippered pockets offer extra storage space and organization for all the essentials, and a microfleece lined and padded zippered main storage compartment holds and protects your iPad, netbook, or e-reader while on the go. The PortPack sports a shoulder strap and headphone cord pass-through openings. Also, the front cover flap zippers off to create two completely different looks and accessibility options.

The $49.95 CorePack FLY 10 is an airport checkpoint-friendly carry bag that unfolds to a lapp desk. Open up CorePack FLY 10’s butterfly design and the bag instantly converts to a portable on-the-fly work surface. The butterfly feature is also airport security checkpoint friendly, allowing you to lay the bag flat without removing your device during x-ray scans.