Group Logic ( has updated ArchiveConnect, its File System Archiving (FSA) solution for Mac desktops.

Version 1.1 extends its s integration with Symantec’s EnterpriseVault and CommVault’s Simpana to include new usability enhancements and support for network-based home directory environments with active enterprise FSA deployments. Together, these new features measurably boost productivity for Mac users of Symantec and CommVault FSA systems, according to Brian Ulmer, product manager for ArchiveConnect at Group Logic. ”

“The Mac’s inability to differentiate between online and offline files the same way Windows can present serious challenges. In an archiving environment like EnterpriseVault or Simpana, the Mac’s file previewing features trigger unintended requests to restore archived files automatically.,” he says. “For just about any archiving system, this can cause severe performance impacts. In fact, many IT organizations are forced to segregate Mac users entirely from using Windows-based archiving solutions to prevent system performance degradation.”

ArchiveConnect works with EnterpriseVault and Simpana FSA systems to block Mac systems from previewing archived files while allowing them to preview needed online files. Mac users browse iconic representations of archived files and can select one or more files to be brought back online through a simple double-mouse-click.

In its latest release, ArchiveConnect 1.1 adds support for network-based home directory files. It prevents the Mac Spotlight indexing process from bringing these files online in the same way it prevents other inadvertent FSA file retrievals. In addition, the ArchiveConnect graphical user interface has been further enhanced so Mac users can instantly detect when a file has successfully been brought online.

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