Well, I would have thought it would have been bigger, but Uptrends.com (http://www.uptrends.com), a global webs site monitoring company, says the 1024 x 768 screen resolutions size is used more often than any other size.

The 1024 x 768 screen resolution size has the largest share of global usage, with global usage of 25.17%. But less and less people are using this resolution. In April 2007, the share of global usage was 55.34%. Internet users worldwide have been increasingly choosing larger screens with higher screen resolution. Apple might make a note of this, as the company seems to think that the world wants increasingly smaller displays (witness the latest iPad nano).

In a study conducted by Uptrends, the usage of smaller screen resolutions such as 800 x 600 is also on the decline. For example in April 2007, the global usage of the 800 x 600 screen resolution size was 8.18 percent. In this year’s study, global usage for this resolution is down to 1.70 percent.

In August, this is how screen resolutions stacked up: 1024×768, 2.517%; 1280×800, 17.93%; 1440×900, 9.81%; 1680×1050, 6.71%; 1366×768, 5.20%; and 1920×1200, 4.17%. I predict the 1920×1200 screen resolution will grow significantly in popularity, and that we’ll see more and more 2560 x 1440 (a la the 27-inch iMac) as folks increasingly use their computers to double as entertainment devices such as TVs and movie viewers.

— Dennis Sellers