Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Rockstar Games has rolled out Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD for the iPad. TheUS$9.99 app brings the story-driven action to the Apple tablet with updated, high-definition graphics.

LambdaMu Games has announced Shady Puzzles: Super Awesome Compilation Edition for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It’s available with free puzzle packs, Shady Puzzles is on sale until Septe. 22 for $0.99 on the iPhone and iPod touch. An iPad-optimized HD version is also available at a reduced price of $1.99.

Elite Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer Michael George has released Intelitrainer, a $4.99 app for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It creates a customized workout routine that learns and adjusts to the skill level and fitness goals of the user.

Inkstone Software has launched MegaReader 1.0, a $1.99 customizable iPhone eBook reading app that gives users the choice of over 1.8  million free books on the Internet. The MegaReader app has been designed to tap into book catalogs such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Baen Free Books, Smashwords, and the Internet Archive, allowing users to discover not only the classics, but also up and coming modern indie authors and publishers.

Redbot Software has debuted Military Sniper Academy 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $1.99 app lets the user take the role of a sniper-in-training. Players compete to earn their sniper license by successfully completing 14 drills.

Iambic has produced an iPad version of its Agendus personal information manager (PIM). The calendaring and time management features of the $9.99 app were designed to help users better manage their time and to-do list each day by integrating their Calendar, Contacts and Task Lists into one application.

Handcast Media Labs has announced that its Spark Radio app has been upgraded for iPhone 4.0 with more radio stations (24,000 around the world) and multitasking capabilities. It costs $1.99. Plus, there’s a new Spark Radio Lite available for free, and offers access to 300 stations as a “try before you buy” listening experience.

Innoblock has released kiRay Camera 1.2 for iPhone and iPod touch users. The $1.99 lets users enhance and adjust photos as they take them, with a single tap of the screen. kiRay Camera is also designed for repairing those less than perfect older photos that users just can’t bring themselves to delete. The app uses the device’s existing camera, and its three levels of one-touch adjustment.

Brian Atz is offering intelli-Diet 1.0, a $2.99 weight loss application for iPhone and iPod touch devices. With its built-in calorie system, intelli-Diet provides users with a personalized healthy eating plan each day. The application automatically provides users with the right foods and portions, so no calorie tracking is needed.

Sink or Swim has launched Mama Flo Knows 1.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch users. The $0.99 animated app that gives you advice on various topics. Mama Flo can predict answers to yes no questions as well as give advice on love, money, personal well being and lucky numbers.

Sink or Swim has introduced Big Button Animal Facts 2.0, an update to their $0.99 educational app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It introduces your child to animals from around the world while whisking them off on an animal adventure. Version 2.0 includes animals from all around the world.

L’Escapadou has unveiled Montessori Crosswords 1.1, which is now a universal app and adds interaction to visual effects. Based on the Montessori learning method, the $2.99 app is designed to help kids develop their writing/reading skills by building words from a set of pictures shown. The app provides 282 words and associated pictures sorted by their phonetic complexity.

Uvento has rolled out iPicasso — Picasa Web Albums Manager 1.3.1 for iPhone and iPod touch users. The $2.99 app allows users to access, view and manage their Picasa accounts. Version 1.3.1 supports bulk operations, video uploading, passcode locking, cache control and sports an improved user interface.