Belkin ( is offering a variety of cases for the new iPod touch. There are Grip Cases, Shield Cases, Verve Cases, Fit Armbands and Overlays.

Belkin says it’s dentified five main ways people carry their iPod: in a pocket, in the hand, in a bag, on themselves, and while being active. For those carrying their iPod in their pocket, the company’s slim cases are easy to grip, slide in and out of a pocket smoothly, and provide impact protection from everyday drops.

For those who keep their iPod in hand at all times to text, game, or check their email, our line of cases are comfortable to hold, shock-absorbing, and easy to grip. Belkin also has cases that make it easy to find your iPod within a travel bag or purse while protecting it against constant contact with other items. Go to the Belkin web site to see the entire range of iPod touch cases.