TransferBigFiles ( has launched an iPhone app that enables iPhone users to send full-quality HD videos and photos wirelessly from an iPhone. The files are kept in cloud storage provided by where users (and their friends and family) can then share or retrieve the files using any web browser.

Currently, iPhone users must plug their devices into their computers to access the full-quality HD video files, making it impossible to send or share those HD files wirelessly from a phone. For the first time, iPhone users can send their HD video files from anywhere by using the TransferBigFiles app, says Hamid Shojaee, CEO of ”

The TransferBigFiles app is free and available in the Apple App Store. The first 100,000 users to install and activate the app will receive 5GB of free cloud storage for their video and photo uploads. After the first 100,000 users, 2GB of free cloud storage will be provided.

In addition to the new iPhone app, TransferBigFiles offers web-based service plans ranging from free to US$5, $8 or $15 per month. The service enables users to send large files (including videos, music, photos, PDFs and more) from Macs or PCs. provides users with file transfer features that include: a DropBox for receiving files; SSL secure file transmission; receipt notifications when files are downloaded by a recipient; password protection; and large cloud-based storage.