By ‘Doctor Dave’ Greenbaum

The name Otterbox ( is synonymous with quality protection for your portable devices, so having a line of cases for the iPad is a welcome addition to their family.

Generally, Otterbox cases come in the “Defender” line and the “Commuter” line. While the Defender is the ultimate in protection, the Commuter is an excellent balance of price, performance and bulk.

The US$64.95 Otterbox Commuter for the iPad is similar to Commuter products down the Otterbox product line. It combines a silicone wraparound with a hard plastic support and a plastic screen overlay: three different forms of protection for your iPad when most vendors provide only one.

The Commuter added a slight bit of bulk to the side and back of the iPad, but was within the normal dimensions of other silicone cases. I was easily able to fit it in most iPad sleeves. Given the large size of the iPad, a structural support in back is important to prevent screen cracking due to flexing.

The Commuter’s combination of matte makes the case much easier to grab and much less likely to slip out of your fingers. Holding my iPad in this case was comfortable and natural. Unlike other silicone cases that didn’t quite fit, the Otterbox always has a tight custom fit.

I’m a big fan of the Defender Case, but not everyone wants that level of protection (or price tag).  For those looking for the perfect balance of price, style, and protection, the Otterbox Commuter for iPad delivers!

Pros:  Light yet sturdy protection
Cons:  None

Rating 10 out of 10