EastWest, which specializes in virtual software instruments, has announced the EastWest, the company’s entire collection on a terabyte hard drive with free 10-day trial versions of all products.

The EastWest includes 10-day trial licenses of all EastWest/Quantum Leap products except Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus (Platinum 24-bit samples are included), including their latest releases Hollywood Strings and The Dark Side. The trials are complete versions and include all instruments and samples, but with 10-day time limited licenses. Each 10-day license starts upon activation of the individual collection. Full licenses of any product can then be purchased from http://www.soundsonline.com or http://www.soundsonline-europe.com for permanent use.

The EastWest is supplied on a Western Digital Caviar Black 60GB/3.5-inch internal hard drive. The hard drive houses all EastWest/Quantum Leap virtual instrument collections and is used to test drive the 10-day trial versions. Both trial and full licenses can be run directly from the drive, saving installation time and space.

The EastWest includes EastWest/Quantum Leap products Hollywood Strings, The Dark Side, Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, Symphonic Choirs, Symphonic Choirs Expansion, Quantum Leap Pianos, Stormdrum 2 and SD2 Pro Upgrade, Voices of Passion, Ministry of Rock, Fab Four, Goliath, Silk, Ra, and Gypsy. The EastWest is available for Mac and PC, is compatible with all major DAW platforms, and requires a separate iLok key for operation.

The EastWest is now shipping in limited quantities at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$129. EastWest customers can purchase full licenses online and through authorized resellers of the included products (except Hollywood Strings and The Dark Side) for 50% off the retail price through September 30, 2010. Complete product information, system requirements, and ordering information is available at http://www.soundsonline.com/EastWest .