Laplink Software ( has released Switch & Sync, a tool for moving from a PC to a Mac. It allows you to move files to a Mac or synchronize folders between a PC and a Mac.

Switch & Sync copies all selected files and folders from a PC to a Mac, even automatically converting email, contacts and calendars from their PC format for use on a Mac with programs such as Apple Mail and Entourage. The Outlook conversion feature is compatible with Outlook 2000 or later, Windows Mail and Outlook Express 6 or later.

Switch & Sync automatically copyies all of the files and folders the user selects — including documents, music and pictures — from a PC to a Mac. It can then be used to keep all of the files and folders up-to-date between the PC and Mac with automated synchronization and Laplink’s patented SpeedSync technology. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of each machine and use them in tandem, while SpeedSync helps them work quickly without missing a beat, says Laplink Software CEO Thomas Koll.

SpeedSync is technology that reduces the transfer times of modified data by only syncing the portions of files that have been changed. Switch & Sync costs US$39.95 and is offered in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.