NimbleHost has announced Codafy 1.0 (, a plug-in for RapidWeaver that adds native “Firebug” functionality to the Mac OS X web site design application.

It’s free and enables web designers to see how the underlying HTML, CSS, and Javascript code of their web site relates to the actual design, improving workflow and reducing development time. Firebug lets content creators more easily understand how to make customizations and changes to their web sites, as well as simplify the search for any bugs and errors in the underlying code.

For RapidWeaver users utilizing this Firebug/Firefox combination, the process of constantly switching between two applications quickly becomes a time consuming process. Codafy was specifically developed to enable the open source WebKit Web Inspector so that it can be accessed directly in RapidWeaver, thus removing the need to repeatedly refer to two separate applications, according to the folks at NimbleHost.

Codafy enables the open source WebKit Web Inspector for direct access within RapidWeaver. Its split-panel view allows users to see the underlying code and preview their website at the same time. With you Codafy you can edit, enable, and disable CSS styles while previewing. Its error console is designed to help pinpoint the source of any problems

Integrated with Codafy is the Javascript-based XRAY Inspector, which can also be used with the RapidWeaver plugin Stacks via the included XRAY Inspector stack. NimbleHost provides documentation and user support for Codafy and all their other products, including User Forums, FAQs, Knowledge Libraries, Guides to RapidWeaver, User Product Guides, and Technical Support.

Codafy allows Mac OS X 10.5.2 or higher and RapidWeaver 4.1 or higher. It requires the RapidWeaver application for Mac OS X, available for US$79.